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Canyon View II

You can see this is the same place as the last painting. I love it when I can play more then once with the same location. This time I used different colors. I have wanted to do work using Prussian Blue so that is what I did. For those academics I used a square tetrad. That means two equally spaced complementary combinations. I think I will try a square 36x36 of the same view next. I will continue using the same square tetrad. (See not a waste of time---you learned something by just hanging out with my web site!!!)

24 x 20 oil on canvas

Canyon View

I have driven past this view so many times and wished I could stop and paint it. The location has some challenges. I did not feel safe painting there by myself, it is very remote. For compostition it does not have a center of interest. I was taught a painting had to have a center of interest. By accident I ended up there with a friend to paint and I decided I didn't care if it had a center of interest. Paintings have always been about the land to me.

20x16 oil on canvas

Calistoga Cottage

This location had all the charm you see in the painting. To spend the day in Calistoga is a treat and to be painting this cottage was like cotton candy at the fair.

16 x 20 oil on canvas

Vineyard and beyond

This is one more place that I have painted many times over the years. I love how you can see forever and the abstract shapes that the fields create. I also love the colors I could use. I am always looking for ways to use prussian blue and yellow and as you can see this one sang to me.

30 x 40 oil on canvas

no name yet

This is a view that I have painted so many times. I just seem to keep playing with the composition. I used a Van Gogh pallette just to see what it would do.

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