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The Painting Gallery

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Mustard on Rheem

I saw this and had to paint it. For those who do not live in Northern California we have wild mustard that grows all over the vineyards. It is yellow and pure magic to paint

12 x 16 oil on linen pannel


When I go to the barn I look up these hills. I guess I get to know the land where I stand. I did change some of the trees.

12 x 16 Oil on Linen board

Sunday Drive

This is a place that I always take a deep breath and just enjoy the beauty. For years I have watched these trees, they come and go but they always seem to be in transition, I guess like us. Cows used to rest in the shade they create but now the cows are gone and sometimes there are goats. The goats don't rest however. This is one of those special places for me.

36 x 36 oil on canvas


Just finished this little one. I wanted to paint it while I was painting the big painting so it feels so good to get to do it. I hope I will do several horse paintings now that I don't have to work on a commission.

16 x 20 oil on canvas


This is a commission and as you can see a really big one. It is of a specific view in the club and of course I got to put my own stamp on it. I did several small ones first so this was a long process. I must say I truly enjoy the process then when I am done I want to start something else ASAP.

62 x 92 oil on canvas

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